TGS Replay: Mass Effect

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I was recently a guest on the January edition of the  TGS Replay show together with  Dits, Major Lag, Leg of Time, James Batchelor, Ostemb0r and  Xantiriad. We spent ... Read more..

Dr Cathy Gale and Cmdr Jane Shepard

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Video games are regularly criticised for their depiction of women. All too often female characters are simply over-endowed, empty-headed eye-candy; there to be gawped at or act as the swooning ... Read more..

Bring Down the Sky

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As a big fan of the Knights of the Old Republic, I hungrily snapped up Bioware's sci-fi RPG Mass Effect when it was released late last year. Although it was ... Read more..


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I've never really thought of myself as a big RPG fan but, when I look back, a lot of the games I've enjoyed have come from that genre. I think my first experience ... Read more..