CGUK Replay #4

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The Cranky Gamers UK Replay show gives listeners a chance to dust off and revisit games released during the early years of the current console generation. Once again I ... Read more..

CGUK Replay #2

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I was lucky enough to take part in the recording of the April edition of the Cranky Gamers UK Replay podcast where Xantiriad, Dits and myself discussed 3D Realms' ... Read more..

Me and the Wii

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(Or should that be the Wii and I?) I was really excited when Nintendo announced the Wii, or the Revolution as it was back then. It's the only console I have ... Read more..

My Top 10 Most Played

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...Well almost. Lost Odyssey is still taking up most of my gaming time so I thought I'd briefly blog about my top ten most played Xbox Live games. The rankings are determined by ... Read more..