TGS Replay: Mass Effect

I was recently a guest on the January edition of the  TGS Replay show together with  Dits, Major Lag, Leg of Time, James Batchelor, Ostemb0r and  Xantiriad. We spent almost two hours discussing the strengths and weaknesses of Bioware’s  Mass Effect.

Click here to listen to the Replay show.

We also find time to share our gaming highlights of the year 2000 and make the nominations for February’s game of the month.

My game of 2000 was Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. A strange choice, perhaps, considering the other possible contenders but it’s a game I look back fondly on as being both a decent first person shooter and also a effective (and different) use of the Star Trek license. My nomination for February’s Replay game was Overlord. I don’t think it’s got much of a chance this time round.

If you’d like to get involved in TGS Replay next month then pop along to The Gamer Scene Forums.

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