The Knights of the Nine

Cranky Gamer’s Replay game for May was the Oblivion Knights of the Nine DLC…

Playing through The Knights of the Nine content was a really interesting experience for me as it meant revisiting a game that I hadn’t played for well over a year.

Now, there are some games that you can just jump right back into but I don’t think Oblivion is one of them. I’d like to think I was a veteran player, having spent over seventy hours on the game, but I’d forgotten so much… like what spells I had access to, what weapons I used to use, where my house (with my stash of equipment) was and…erm… exactly what it was I’d done to upset the guards in every city in the land. Luckily that last problem was more a case of mistaken identity and , in general, the process of acclimatising was made a little easier having just played Fallout 3.

I found the Knights of the Nine quests themselves to be a short, enjoyable, set of self-contained missions, very reminiscent of some of the Arthurian Grail quests.

There were some interesting set pieces and a good mix of content… some missions were very short, others were longer and more challenging… I enjoyed the fact that they weren’t all combat focused… Some included clever little puzzles… simple things like turning statues and choosing specific paths across floors… but they added variation to what, otherwise, would’ve just been a collection of “run to the end of the dungeon, kill the boss, grab the magical item” adventures.

Playing through the quests did bring to light a few complaints I have regarding Oblivion… The close weapon combat is really pretty naff and usually involves repeatedly tapping the attack button whilst desperately trying to turn around to face your enemy so your blows actually land. Although far from perfect, Fable II has shown what you can do with a single-button attack… in Oblivion I just never felt like I was having a proper swordfight… the animation is also just too samey and simplistic.

However, it’s still a great game… no matter what our potato headed friend over on the skinflint podcast might think… Having finished all the achievements on Oblivion, I would never have gone back and played the Knights of the Nine without an incentive… so my thanks go to all the Replay listeners for voting for it.

You can listen to this month’s CGUK Replay featuring The Mehwarrior, Major Lag, Johnus Maximus, & Xantiriad by clicking here. If you’d like to help select the Replay game for June then please visit this section of the forums.


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