Big Red Potion #4

As someone who has never recorded a podcast before it was a real honour to be invited onto Sinan Kubba’s Big Red Potion show especially as his other guest was Xantiriad (from the Ninja Fat Pigeons), someone whose opinions I really respect.

The focus of the show was on the PS3. I was a big fan of the Playstation 2 (it was my first console!) and, like many people, I can’t help but be disappointed with Sony’s performance selling and marketing the Playstation 3. It’s a brilliant piece of kit but they just haven’t pushed it as well as they could’ve. As a person more interested in “casual” titles, I’m particularly annoyed at how they’ve let Nintendo come along and steal the market they built up with the PS2. Those are the type of things we talked about on the podcast.

It was a great experience recording with Xan and Sinan but I ended up but feeling a little disappointed in my performance. That’s not a comment made in an attempt to receive reassuring complements, it’s just a realisation that, as someone who is self-employed working from home, I no longer spend a lot of time involved in deep, weighty discussions where I need to organise my thoughts and formulate my opinions as I’m talking. It’s something that I need more practise at and get back doing again as it was a key skill in my former line of work. It’s quite nice to realise these sort of things in a stress-free hobby situation.

Anyway, enough of the self-analysis… If you want to listen to two interesting blokes (and me!) discuss Sony and the PS3, pop along to Sinan’s You Have Lost! site and download the podcast. Please remember that we are all PS3 owners who love our consoles and there is a limit of just how much you can mention in an hour long show.

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