28K Ditto

As it’s comes from the same games as last time I won’t spend a lot of time discussing my most recent thousand Gamerscore.

I finished Lego Indiana Jones completely this week, picking up 1000/1000 achievement points. They’re definitely a lot more obtainable than those in the previous Lego titles.

Picking up the DLC for Dancing Stage Universe gave me enough tracks to unlock another achievement for songs cleared. I don’t think I’ve ever come across such an eclectic choice of music in a game. It will be interesting to see what tracks Konami includes in their Rock Revolution game.

I’m just about done with Spider-man 3. I was hoping to pick up the achievement for all missions complete but the final two seem to be Mary Jane “thrill rides”. If you thought MJ was annoying in the awful third movie, her character is even more infuriating in the game particularly as she constantly bosses you around during these “taxi” missions. I think I’ll give them a miss.

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