27K Disappointment, Surprise and Delight

A sudden rush of achievements, over one thousand during the last seven days, means that I’m completely behind on my regular Gamerscore updates. This blog is meant to be a personal record of my gaming so I’d better quickly jot down a few thoughts about what I’ve been playing.

I was really, really disappointed with the latest downloadable content for the RPG epic Lost Odyssey. I’ve posted here before about how much I love the game and I was eagerly awaiting the translation and release of the additional dungeon. It was such a disappointment. For starters the dungeon itself is the exact same floor plan repeated over and over and over. You’re basically given an initial 50 Gamerscore for running down twenty-five flights of stairs. Then you hit the boss. It’s harder than any enemy already in the game, including the Immortal, and when you get defeated (believe me you will) you’ll have to start the dungeon all over again. There are no save points on the way down.

It’s a real shame because there are some brilliant new monsters to fight on the way down and loads of great accessories to collect. However, unless you’ve got an über high-level team that’ll get you past the final challenge, you won’t be able to escape the dungeon to use any of it. I don’t think I’ll be putting the Lost Odyssey disk in again.

A fair proportion of the latest Gamerscore came from Spider-man 3. My impression, from the reviews I read when this game was released, was that it got completely trashed by the critics. A quick visit to Metacritic reveals that that may have been a little unfair. It certainly received a huge range of scores, though, from the lofty heights of 95% to the barrel scraping lows of the 30% it was awarded from Edge magazine. I’m a fan of superhero games so I thought I’d try picking it up as a swap. I went into it not expecting much at all so it ultimately proved to be quite an enjoyable experience. I can really understand the critical panning of the game, though. The developers didn’t exactly move thing on much from the previous outings. In some ways the leap to the new generation of consoles actually coincided with the introduction of many negative features. There are far too many unforgiving “quick time” events for my liking. I really, really despise them.

To supplement my Wii Fit “exercise” I picked up a copy of Dancing Stage (Dance Dance Revolution) Universe. I’m not going to get many achievements from this, due to the widely-acknowledged broken “quest mode”. However, I’ve made a good start on picking up the points for clearing the batches of songs. I wonder if we’ll see the release of the sequel over here? Hopefully it won’t suffer quite as long a delay as this version of the franchise.

The game that pushed me well over the next thousand mark was Lego Indiana Jones. I initially wasn’t convinced that the “Lego Star Wars” mechanics were a good fit for the Indy franchise but Traveller’s Tales have included enough twists and tweaks to make it work well. I’m certainly enjoying it. It arrived on Thursday and by the end of the weekend I was already about 500 points into it. I’ll try to post more detailed thoughts about the game soon.

(This blog update has taken me even longer to finish than I originally thought. The next thousand milestone is rapidly approaching. I’d better start working on some new reviews and game commentary to post before then.)

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