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There’s no getting away from it. The majority of my last thousand Gamerscore points came from the kiddie game Cars. I didn’t play it because I was after easy achievement points. I played it because I was under the impression that the game was fairly decent, it has a Metacritic rating of 70 afterall.

It’s not really worth bothering with, though. Cars is a strange title that attempts to mix free roaming “open world” gameplay with more traditional racing events. Now I can see how younger gamers might enjoy exploring the setting of the movie but, unless you’re really trying to collect every last item in the game, there doesn’t seem much point in straying far from the main roads. All the “open world” did for me was make the task of trying to navigate to the next event marker even longer and more frustrating.

There’s also some bizarre difficulty spikes, that surely would stop most younger gamers in their tracks, and some overlong circuit racing sections so it’s not a title that I’d recommend. It’s a shame really because the recreation of the characters from the film is well done and there are some mildly humorous cut scenes. I’ve probably been spoiled by Burnout Paradise.

The remaining Gamerscore came from Rock Band (where I’ve finished the guitar solo tour on medium,  vocal tour on easy and the drums also on easy), Virtua Tennis 3 and Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1. I’ll probably try and get a review post up on the Penny Arcade game later.

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  1. There’s probably some adage about the first five minutes of a game being the most important. It took three whole minutes for Cars to lose my interest. Not because it was kiddie but because it was wholly dull.

    I am slightly jealous of your having Rock Band. Except replace ‘slightly’ with ‘morbidly’.

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