28 Days Later

I was going to post yet another long blog post about Wii Fit but decided I could probably communicate the same information through an image…

1. I’ve now been using the Wii Fit for 28 days.
2. It does seem to be doing some good.
3. The Wii Fit age is absolute twaddle as you can see by how much it bounces around.
4. I’m mostly doing aerobic exercises. The Yoga section is hardly used. Balance games, although popular at first, don’t get played that much.


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3 Responses to “28 Days Later”

  1. 1. Are you losing weight?
    2. Are you on a diet?
    3. Is it worth seventy of my hard-earned pounds?

  2. Hi James!

    1. Yes I am. I do have plenty to lose, though. 🙂

    2. No, I’m not on a diet. I’m eating exactly the same.

    3. Worth 70 pounds? If you’ve got other family members who would get some use from it then maybe. If you’re interested in using it in the future with other games then maybe.

    For me, it’s given me a reason to turn on the Wii. I can see interest in it lasting at least a couple of months. I don’t know whether that will be enough value for you. It might be one that gets passed around your friends or family to try.

  3. Cheer Strident. Fanboy that I am, I need no excuse to turn on my Wii, but i reckon my housemates would enjoy this. I’ll have to see how much cash I’ve got at the end of the month!

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