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I tripped over the 23,000 Gamerscore mark yesterday. At least half of the latest thousand is down to Bully Scholarship Edition but I have been playing some other games as well.

I bought Lost Cities on XBLA last week and have collected a handful achievements from the title so far. It had been hyped by Sierra Online as being a similar sort of title to Carcassonne so I was looking forward to its release. I have to say that I’m really disappointed.

Lost Cities is simply quite dreary and boring.

The problem is that you can win most of the time (against the computer) just by whacking down cards with no real regard to strategy and bonuses. On “normal” level I’ve never found that I need to look at what my opponent is doing. In fact, it comes across as more of a single player solitaire game.

I’ve no doubt that there is some potential for deep strategy but the only reason to use any is either to succeed in online play, beat the computer on hard level or unlock the rather obscure luck-based achievements.

Other arcade points came from Rocky and Bullwinkle and Brain Challenge where I picked up the achievement for tripping over 20% brain usage. This game is hard work as it ranks you on your cumulative performance rather than a single test. There’s nothing to stop you repeating the daily test over and over again but I think that would be incredibly boring. The activities are interesting but just not as fun as Nintendo’s Big Brain Academy.

I’ve been using the swap site Game Share recently. Along with Bully I’ve obtained a few other games that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried. I think I should’ve trusted my natural instincts in these cases, and continued to avoid them.

I really enjoyed Sega Superstars Tennis so I thought I’d see what the more serious tennis-sim Top Spin 2 was like. Unfortunately it’s far too complicated and in depth for me and I’m completely rubbish at the game. I’ve managed to win a handful of matches which was enough to earn me about a quarter of the achievement points and I don’t think I’ll be spending much more time playing it.

Another game that I won’t be revisiting is Project Slypheed.

I used to play an awful lot of space combat games on the PC (such as the Star Wars and Wing Commander titles) so I actually like this genre a lot. However I’m really not enjoying Project Sylpheed. One of the main problems is that most of the time I haven’t got a clue what’s going on.

The screen becomes so cluttered, even in the early missions, that it becomes very difficult to follow the action. With all the lasers, missiles and special effects being churned out it regularly looks like Rainbow Brite and friends have just spewed up on the screen. It’s always tricky to navigate 3D space and track objectives in space shooters but I’ve found it particular difficult in this game.

It may get better if I spend a little more time playing but at the moment nothing about the game is enticing me to do so.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy. I gave up on my Gamerscore a while back after being betrayed by Mass Effect. I played as much as I could stand without putting off all the other unfinished games I had for too long, only to find it wasn’t enough to get the ally and completionist achievements.

    Also, being a full-time worker and multiple-console owner, I’ll never have the time or devotion to reach the heady heights of 23K. Damn you 😛

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