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The recent Easter weekend gave me the chance to revisit some of my older 360 titles.

I finally managed to stay long enough in an online co-op level of Lego Star Wars (TCS) to get the related achievement. To completely finish off that game I need to collect all the blue canisters. That’s a pretty big task so I’m going to put it off until I really don’t have anything else to play. If the release schedule, for the next few months, is anything to go by then I can see several windows of opportunity appearing.

I loaded up Scene It? LCA to see how many achievements I could pick up in a single player runthrough (5 in total). My wife and I played Scene It every evening for over a fortnight when it came out. It’s a great casual game (if you have even a passing interest in films), the controller works well, but we found that we exhausted the questions after about seventeen playthroughs. Now there are too many repeats for us to get any multiplayer enjoyment out of the title. I hope a sequel (or even downloadable content) will come out soon.

I finished the last level of the Raising Hell expansion to Overlord and finally got past Neptune in Beautiful Katamari (been stuck there for ages). Every level after that was easy to complete and I quickly made it to the “end” of the game. Despite my new found prowess (ha!) there’s still no way that I’m ever going to score enough points on a level to unlock it in free play mode. It’s also about time that Namco enabled the downloadble content for all us Europeans, as well.

I’ve been making progress with Sega Superstars Tennis. I’m still liking it a lot but I’ve decided that I’m going to kill Alex Kidd. I have no idea who the stumpy. bobble-headed inane-grinning chimp-freak is (I’m not a Sega fanboy) but he’s stopping me from progressing further in Superstars mode.

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