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…Well almost. Lost Odyssey is still taking up most of my gaming time so I thought I’d briefly blog about my top ten most played Xbox Live games. The rankings are determined by the number of days played (as reported by 360voice). I did have a slightly more accurate indicator of which game I’d played the most but unfortuntely the LiveEye service, which logged the number of hours, is no longer available.

1. Carcassonne

Having visited the real-life city of Carcassonne I was really keen to check out this electronic version of the German tile-based board game. It’s a fast paced stategy title that’s fairly easy for beginners to understand but allows for more complicated tactical play. My wife and I play it regularly and we absolutely love it. I really hope that they’ll release some new “expanison sets” for it soon. It has the distinction, for me, of being the game that was playing when my original Xbox 360 died.

2. Shadowrun

Ah, yes. I really should explain this. It’s in my top ten and yet… I’ve never played it on the Xbox 360. It was one of the games I bought when my Xbox 360 went into repair, I just wanted something to play over live! Despite the poor reviews I thought Shadowrun had some things going for it. The races and powers were interesting and did allow players to adopt different styles of play. It’s just a shame that there wasn’t a single player campaign, the character models couldn’t be customised and that there wasn’t more than a handful of maps available. It felt like a title that was rushed out of the door before the studio was closed.

3. Hardwood Backgammon

I enjoyed playing backgammon with my Dad as a kid so I thought it was worth picking up this XBLA version. It’s one of those titles that I played a quick game of most mornings which is why it has ranked so high in my top 10.

4. Oblivion

A superb game that I’ve already mentioned in my blog entry on RPGs. I really enjoyed playing though each of the main questlines, encouraged by the well-designed achievements. I found the Shivering Isles expansion disappointing but only because I wasn’t keen on the world in which it was set.

5. Viva Piñata

I did have a whole blog entry dedicated to Viva Piñata but I accidently deleted it recently. It’s a shame as I wrote about how it was one of the reasons I was looking forward to getting a 360. Initially a disappointment in some ways, I found it hard to get into. For me, the early stages of the game were spoilt by the constant barrage of cut scenes. I only really got back into the 360 version after playing Viva Piñata for the PC. At the moment just one achievement to get, the 50 hours of play time one, so the disc will be going into the tray a few more times before I trade it in.

6. Puzzle Quest

The idea of combining RPG elements with a puzzle game was inspired and really raises Puzzle Quest head and shoulders above all the other “match three” games on the Xbox Live Arcade. The puzzles are split into missions so you can put this game on for a quick play and always receive some reward. I personally need to do some more work on levelling up my character as I’m having problems taking down the end of game boss.

 7. Worms

Despite my age, and the fact that I’ve been gaming for years, I’ve never played Worms before. This was obvious by exactly how rubbish I was at this game at first. Eventually I managed to get the hang of working out the trajectories my little worm’s weapons and really started to enjoy the game. I just need to finish final challenge level to unlock finish the achievements.

8. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Lego and Star Wars. Together they formed a major part of my childhood. Who would have thought that they would’ve been brought together in a computer game? And who would’ve thought that it would have actually been good? It was, of course, thanks to the sterling work of developer Traveller’s Tales.

I played both the original Lego Star Wars titles on the first Xbox. And, as I picked it up cheap second hand, the original saga again on the 360. Even so, I couldn’t resist the chance to purchase the complete story in a single game especially as the achievements were so great.

9. Overlord

I’ve mentioned Overlord in a previous blog entry so I won’t waffle on about it any more here. Suffice it to say that it’s a great game. 🙂

10. Marvel Ultimate Alliance

I bought this for the Wii first although I soon traded it in. I just couldn’t get my head around the control system. I’m afraid I just don’t want to have to shake and tilt like mad to complete the sort of moves that would usually be activated by a single button press. I’m glad I gave it a second chance on the Xbox 360 as it’s a great game, especially enjoyable for a Marvel fan.

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