The Overlord: Raising Hell expansion pack took forever to actually appear in the wild, despite being marketed for a November release (and forming an integral part of the German retail outing). Not that you can blame Codemasters for delaying. I don’t think that any serious (or even casual gamer) had any spare time to dedicate to the new content during the packed “holiday” release season.

The delay is a bit risky, though. The original game made its way onto shelves at the end of June. Like me, I bet that most people have traded in their copy by now no matter how much they enjoyed the game. At least it’s cheap to buy back a used version, which is something I did myself. I just hope that enough people buy the new content and encourage Codemasters to think about releasing a sequel in the future.

I really enjoyed the original release of Overlord with its mix of Pikmin-style minion management and Dungeon Keeper humour. Despite niggles about saving and the lack of an in-game map, issues that also bothered many reviewers, it was a lot of fun to play. It’s well worth experiencing just for the top notch script and voice acting… really funny stuff. I think Overlord is a game that will be remembered fondly by many and the development team should be commended for coming up with something different to the torrent of first person shooters that made their way onto the consoles last year.

The new single player content is well worth getting in my opinion. I’m about four fifths of the way through it, as I write this, with just the final abyss left to conquer. It’s a lot more puzzle orientated than the main game, forcing you to think about moving objects around with your minions, but anyone who enjoyed the original release should welcome the opportunity to spend more time lording it over their evil domain.


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